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Jen Extras...

Thanks for purchasing my 'Jen' design.  I hope you have enjoyed stitching it. 

Some ideas to take the design on further:

  1. Try a 2 colour version - either 2 shades of the same colour or 2 different colours.

  2. Try a 4 colour version like the one in the background photo.

  3. Try making the bookmark version.

  4. Make a much larger piece using colours to match your decor and frame it.  Begin at the top of the piece of fabric as before.  When you finish Row 27 begin again with Row 1.  You could also choose to insert another diamond motif (Rows 9-12) in between.

If you would like to try the design in different colours, click the button below to access a new Row & Colour chart that gives colour suggestions and placement. 

Lastly, if you would like a copy of the instructions in colour, you can download them by clicking the button below.

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