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Swedish weaving

Have you come across the hand embroidery technique of Swedish Weaving? Not to be confused with Swedish loom weaving. It's also known as Huck embroidery due to the fabric it was traditionally worked on.


I discovered it in January 2020 and quite quickly became addicted to it!  


Swedish weaving has a contemporary feel to it and compared to many other forms of hand embroidery is quick to stitch. 

The equipment needed is simple and readily available. 

I use 14 count Aida (cross-stitch) fabric, Perle No. 8 threads or stranded embroidery cottons, size 24 cross-stitch needle and a pair of scissors. 

The variation in design is endless and its use is versatile.  Small gifts, cards, cushions, pictures, samplers and wall hangings are just some of the suitable finished products.  


The calming nature of hand stitching is well known.  I find Swedish weaving to be relaxing, calming, absorbing and immensely enjoyable. 


If you would like to have a go now, head over to the blog for a complete beginners tutorial and get started!


Why not join me on a workshop?

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