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Caroline extras

Thank you for purchasing the Caroline band pattern.  I hope you have enjoyed stitching it.

Some ideas to take the design on further:

  • Try a 4 colour version or 4 shades of the same colour. 

  • Try making a bookmark.  

    • Start with a piece of Aida 10cm x 20cm.

    • The bookmark works well either using the whole design or, for a narrower version just using Rows 6a - 6b.

  • Make a much larger piece eg. 25cm x 25xm or A4 by repeating the pattern.

    • Begin in the centre just like the small version.  When you reach the top of the design, Row 10a, carry on with Row 10b, 9b, 8b etc until you reach the edge of the fabric.

    • Block it and finish it according to the instructions.

    • If you would like to frame it, I recommend having a mount professionally cut then buying a standard frame.  Secure the embroidery behind the mount using masking tape. 

If you would like to try 4 colour version, click the button below.

Lastly, if you would like a copy of the instructions in colour, you can download them by clicking the button below.

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